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Best ring lights 2021? There will be times when transporting a bigger LED light around is simply not an option and in these situations, the Manfrotto Lumimuse 8 could well prove to be your saviour. The tiny light can attach to the hotshoe mount of your camera and can be controlled over Bluetooth by your iOS smartphone. The unit, which shouldn’t be confused with the non-Bluetooth version, is made up of eight LED lights that serve up 550 LUX (at 1 metre), making the Manfrotto unit suitable for vlogs or product videography. Remember of course, you can also use the LED as continuous lighting in your stills photography, too One of the key advantages of the Lumimuse 8 is the unit’s portability, which will appeal to videographers who want to travel light and shoot via a run-and-gun approach. Tipping the scales at just 160g, the light won’t be a burden during long shoots and is powered by a built-in Lithium rechargeable battery. This means if levels run low while out on a shoot, you can simply plug in a powerbank via a USB connection and recharge between takes. A coldshoe mount adaptor lets the light slide onto your camera or you can screw it onto a tripod stand or even a monopod if you wish to lift the LED into a certain direction when filming. The power output can be adjusted in four steps (25%, 50%, 75% and 100%) when using the button on the unit but if you prefer to adjust power remotely via the free Lumimuse App on your iOS device, you have a 0-100 option by adjusting the slider control on-screen.

It’s among the pricier models on the list, but Sunpack’s 12-inch Bicolor Ring Light Kit contains everything you need to brighten up your photos and videos. It includes an expandable tripod, an adjustable phone and camera mount, a built-in USB remote, and, of course, an easy-to-use carry bag. The Neewer Ring Light Kit has over 5,000 five-star reviews for good reason. In addition to the 18-inch dimmable ring light, the fully-equipped kit features an adjustable light stand, white and orange color filter sets, a smartphone holder, a hot shoe adapter for DSLR cameras, a remote control, and a carrying case to store it all.

If you need a simple, lightweight ring light to give your iPhone photography that little extra zing, this bargain mini ring light from Mactrem is an absolute no-brainer. The light itself is a little beauty, with three temperature settings and 11 brightness levels, and perfect for giving whatever indoor or natural light you’re working with just the boost you need. As an added bonus you also get all the extras to make this light really work for you; it comes with its own mini tripod, plus a tiny tripod for your phone as well as a phone holder and hot shoe. The only extra you’ll need to supply is a USB power bank to get the light going. Discover even more information at video lights.

QIAYA’s LED light made our list of the best ring lights for selfies for its price, weight, and fill light capabilities. It clips over your iPhone, or iPad for FaceTime calls and pics and works on your Mac for webcam streaming or video calls with friends and family. This small light recharges via USB, making this kit portable and wallet-friendly. At-home and in-office workers who spend all day on video conference calls will love Lume Cube’s Conference Lighting Kit. The LED panel lights give off a soft but bright light that’s fully adjustable to daytime or nighttime shooting. The lenses are frosted and covered with a white diffuser, putting you in a professional glow. This kit comes with a computer mount and is ready to use right out of the box.

Although this inexpensive ring light has a barebones design and feature set, it can be used on various mobile devices, including most phones and tablets, as well as on laptops. The model also lets you adjust the strength of the light’s brightness by setting it to low, normal or high. What’s nice about this ring light is that it’s small in size and lightweight, so it will fit into many pocketbooks, or even a jacket pocket. It comes with a USB micro cord, in order to recharge the unit’s battery. The manufacturer claims this ring light has a battery life of 1-5 hours. First, consider how much you’re willing to spend. The models in our guide give you rough estimate of the price range of ring lights, which can run as little as $13.99 or a much as $199.99. However, there are pricier ring lights available for more professional or specialized uses. For example, some models can cost as much as $500, but are extremely powerful and versatile. Read additional details on