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Best rated animation and film making Canada school with Thinnox STEAM: Acronym for Think. Innovate. Excel, THINNOX was founded in June 2006 on the core principles of personalized education planning, real-world-project-based learning experience, and career interest-based outcome orientation. Unleash your creativity. Unlock your strengths. Experience the magic of innovation, from your home, or wherever you are, right now. This supplemental program runs through the academic year and is available only to registered full-time students. Read more information at

Effective communication is increasingly seen to be synonymous with messaging with the use graphics & action. This core concept is at the centre of the Animation & Live Action Film making program at Thinnox. For beginners at the craft and science of Animation & Film Making the AFM Program starts with an in-depth coverage of the fundamental Principles of Animation. For students that have mastered the fundamentals, AFM offers individual and team projects in a wide range of Animation Techniques.

This program introduces you to the world of simple machines. You start out by making a simple remote controlled game using servos and controllers. You learn to work with tools and to apply the principles of levers, gears and pulleys; you learn to apply the principles of design in general and engineering basics in particular; you learn to work with servos and controllers. Successful completion of the course paves your way to the second level of the STRIDE Engineering program. In subsequent levels you deepen your understanding of the Robotics field: you build a remote controlled mechanical claw; remote controlled cars (with speed controllers, motors, gears and steering systems); and you also learn to apply the principles of pneumatics to the RC devices you build.

Architecture and Interior Space Design is a preparatory program designed for students who have a passion for space and/or intend to pursue an education and career in Architecture and Design. This program introduces you to building design, and design presentation methods. It develops your artistic sensibilities through manual and digital design techniques. Through your hands-on involvement with several projects the program enables you to recognize what an architectural idea is and how it can be further developed and treated. In the studio, you become familiar with the techniques and concerns of designers by drawing, model making, and proposing designs for several projects. At the close of the program you are provided opportunities to display your work to a wider audience.

A wide variety of initiatives spanning the ever expanding fields of Technology, Engineering and Design are available for selection. For further details on the initiatives most suited to your career interests, contact your Guidance Counsellor. THINNOX is ministry inspected and adheres to all provincial standards, including the provision of an Ontario Provincial Report Card and official transcripts to post-secondary institutions. The unique methodology can be described in FOUR easy steps – FIND IT. GET IT. MAKE IT. SHOW IT. The learning experience involves these four steps toward overall excellence. Discover additional info at software development school Canada.