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ESEE started as a training company in the early 1990s with Randall’s Adventure Training. The founders of the company couldn’t find tools they liked so they designed their own and backed into the industry that way. They conduct regular research and development through teaching classes and being in the field, and are proud to stand behind their knives. Their single most interesting knife at the show was the Pinhoti friction folder. Always enamored with friction folders, the designer set out to build a friction folder that would actually work and be comfortable in the hand. It’s a blade that you can work and use.

According to Simon Moore in his book, Penknives and Other Folding Knives, the slipjoint – a mechanism that uses spring tension to keep a pocket knife blade extended – was invented sometime around the mid-1600s in England. Undeniably a titanic influence on pocket knives and a major part of their advancement, the slipjoint is still widely used today – even by more recently established modern knife makers, such as The James Brand. Slipjoint folding knives became widely popular with scholars and authors, to the point that they were referred to as penknives, for their usefulness in thinning and pointing quills for use in writing.

What is the specialty of the butterfly knife? The handle is formed by two longitudinal halves with a U-shaped section, which are pivotally connected to the blade shank. When the knife is opened, the halves of the handle rotate 180 degrees in the opposite direction relative to the blade, expose the blade and then form the handle, connecting to each other. How is a balisong different from a butterfly knife? Balisong is a type of folding knife. Its peculiarity is that in the folded position the blade is closed by two longitudinal halves of the handle. They resemble wings, which gave the second name to the tool – a butterfly knife.

Now there are hundreds of different styles and materials, dozens of different blade steels, and countless knife makers and designers around the world. And our planet has become a much smaller place in the age of the internet and the era of globalization. Whether you’re looking for a simple camping knife or the most extreme American-made tactical folder ever imagined, you can find it out there somewhere. Or you can have it custom made, if you’re not one to relish in the chase. By the way, the term ‘tactical folder’ was coined by Bob Terzuola, the man who literally wrote the book on tactical folding knives.

I’ve used my Invictus for EDC, hunting, and fishing this fall. I bought it because of its unique construction and I liked that every component of the knife is corrosion free. So whether I’m wet wading in saltwater or use it to field dress a deer, I don’t have to worry about rust. It has the bank vault click that’s a hallmark of a well made framelock and it rivals many midtechs for it’s fit and finish. The blade steel used in the Invictus isn’t your typical blade steel, it’s not even steel. Terravantium is a cobalt alloy that doesn’t need to be heat treated. It’s also completely rust proof, non-magnetic, and keeps an edge for a very long time. Although I’ve found it doesn’t keep a razor edge long, it holds a toothy edge seemingly indefinitely. Mine has broken down hundreds of cardboard boxes without needing a touchup.

Bestech highlighted the first release of 2023, a new variant of the Mothus line. A premium-line knife with droppoint blade, M390 steel, and titanium with a lot of details and milling work. Bestech mothus knifeThe designer holding his Mothus knife. It also has reversible pocket clip for lefties. It’s fidget-friendly that has just hit the market with seven different finishes and colors. BnB is a third generation knife company that started in the 1960 and is based in Pakistan. They have 60 forgers, and specialize in Damascus steel. The knife they highlighted was one that they brought out last year but is one of their top five sellers, the Tac Hunter.