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Top cutting discs supplier UK today? Tilswall are known for being one of the better-reviewed budget tool brands. Their powerful 4 1/2? angle grinder is no exception. The build quality feels robust, the barrel-grip side handle is solid and safe, and the no-tool guard change was useful. I really like the soft start on the Tilswall angle grinder. It doesn’t have that brutal kick of torsion in your hands when turning it on. It should help avoid wrist fatigue or even injury over time. For this reason alone, I’m calling this the best budget angle grinder on this list. Explore more details at

If you’re looking for a reliable cutting disc that can handle a variety of materials, this tool is a great option. This 10-pack of disc grinder cutting wheels is perfect for cutting metal and stainless steel surfaces. With thin metal cutting discs, you can easily get into tight spaces, and they are durable enough to handle even the toughest jobs. Whether you’re a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, these disc grinder cutting wheels are sure to come in handy. It’s made of durable aluminum oxide grains that provide an aggressive cutting action and longer service life. Due to the reinforced double fiberglass mesh, this disc meets the MPA en12413 standard. The Panlen Metal&Stainless Steel Cut-Off Disc for Angle Grinder is the perfect accessory for anyone with a 4.5 inch disc grinder. With this size, the cutting discs reach up to 13,000 RPM and 80M/S speeds. You can cut carbon steel, pipe, iron, copper and all other ferrous metals. It is made from tough abrasive materials, this disc can easily take on even the most challenging projects.

This 50 pack grinding wheel from Benchmark Abrasives is specially designed for all professionals. Thus, we enlisted this as one of the best metal cutting wheels for angle grinder. The discs are built with materials that ensure the longest wheel life. Again, for faster cutting with less chatter, the discs are also arguably one of the best. Benchmark Abrasives Quality Thin Cut Off Wheels 50 pieces of discs are meant for versatile and wider ranges of use. That also means you will never be out of wheels for your grinder. The discs offer you opportunities to have diversified cutting works with metal. However, what makes the Benchmark Abrasive cut-off wheels are their self-sharpening properties. Unlike, most other grinding discs, these discs are able to re-sharpen themselves when required. This feature obtains aggressive cuts even through hard metals. To make the cut-off wheels a regular go-to solution, they are constructed with sturdy and double reinforced fiberglass. This feature also ensures a resilient metal cutting experience protecting it from shattering.

A wheel with a 4 1/2-inch diameter is a necessity for all craftsmen, professionals, and amateurs who want a durable tool. They last 2.5 times longer than traditional abrasive cut off wheels which saves the user a lot of time and money. It results in fast cutting time and less rework, which leads to higher efficiency. This helps not only on our workpiece, but also on the cutting-off wheel. It is for people who want a high performance cutting wheel. The cut on the wheel is aggressive and has a balanced cutting performance. It’s made of self-sharpening material. For the perfect cutting experience, excellent stability may be ensured by precise measurement and it is resistant to breakage, even when subjected to lateral forces such as vibrations. A double-layer glass fiber mesh reinforces the cut off wheel and all cutting wheels conform to EU EN12413, TUV and MPV standards. The PEGATEC Metal Cutting Wheel For Angle Grinder is a cutting disc that is compatible with a 7/8-inch shank and speeds up to 13,300 RPM and 80M/S. It has a moisture-proof fiber cloth which ensures it does not get affected by moisture and corrosion.

The 720 Watt, 6 Amp motor spins the cutting discs up to an impressive 11,000 rpm. That’s more than enough power output to get just about any job done with a 115 mm disc. Weighing in at less than 2 kg, it’s light enough to use one-handed if you’re brave enough. For two-handed use, there’s an indestructible plastic side handle that you can screw into either side. The thing I like about this handle is the 20° angle. You get a better grip for more precise grinding work, compared with standard right-angle grips. Another bonus feature found on this grinder is the soft start. For such a powerful bit of kit, it doesn’t feel like it’s going to jump out of your hand when you turn it on. And thanks to the anti-restart function, it’s safe to use as well. Read more details on