Film equipment broker 2022 from Digi Broadcast Co. LTD

Excellent film equipment services by Digi Broadcast? We’re not just ‘box-movers’. At our core, we are a group of people who are truly devoted to making your shopping experience more seamless and hassle-free. With hands on technical experience and after-sales service, be rest assured that you’re in safe hands. We’ve been building upon our ethics that got us started – integrity, love for broadcasting, assurance of quality, and cross-discipline approach to brand development. Therefore, Digibroadcast has dispatched products to clients in around 98 nations, and have been included in different print productions and media outlets internationally. Our previous customers include Liverpool Football Club, BBC, RTL Television, Formula 1, etc. Read additional info at Digi Broadcast UK.

Bags, Cases & Covers buyers information by Digi Broadcast Co. LTD : Pelican cases are among the most hardwearing equipment cases on the market, priding themselves on being “the world’s toughest cases” for a range of equipment. In fact, such is their robustness and reliability, you can find a Pelican case used everywhere from police forces and aviation to the military and industrial sectors. With an amazing selection of cases from the likes of Peli and Teradek to choose from, you can be sure that at DigiBroadcast, you’re purchasing only the best quality Pelican cases in the broadcasting equipment market. If you’d like any further information on any of our camera bags, cases and covers featured, or you have any other queries, contact our friendly team of experts at DigiBroadcast – they’re always on hand and happy to help!

NP style batteries are rechargeable lithium-ion batteries specifically designed for the likes of camcorders. Much smaller in size, these clever batteries still boast impressive power capacities, meaning that they’re both easy to transport and are also capable of long operating times. Packages such as IDX Np-L2S pictured here come complete with two NP-style batteries as well as a high-quality charger with AC adaptor, ensuring that you’re all set for a day of filming out on location or in the studio.

If you’re in need of the perfect studio lights, then look no further than our diverse range here at DigiBroadcast. Whether you’re looking for photography or filming lighting then our studio lighting is the ideal solution. With high-quality studio lights from leading brands such as Arri and Came-TV, you can be sure you’re buying quality equipment. For a reliable and safe addition to your studio, explore our studio lights to create an aesthetic and appealing finished product. Why not check out our range of Tungsten lights, too?

Sometimes, the oldest tricks in the book are the best, and this can certainly be said about the use of shadows and silhouettes in film and photography. Rather than having the person or people in the image standing stationary in front of a subject in its standard scale, these playful images can make large objects appear small and vice-versa, this is called ‘forced perspective’. Practice this with a local building, or even scale up smaller items such as toy cars and food, there’s endless fun to be had! There’s perhaps no better way to bestow mystery upon a shot and create drama than manipulating the natural light at hand. This technique requires no extra kit, just a little cunning and clever to capture the perfect footage or imagery. Should natural light be absent or you require more dependable results, studio lighting works just as well.