Best real estate investment agency Limassol, Cyprus

Apartment real estate solutions Cyprus 2024: Mission of our projects is to meet the needs of our clients, offer a response to a wider set of goals and objectives of the clients, implement our own thoughts and ideas in architecture, conceptual content, create new products in the previously unrepresented segments of real estate in Cyprus. Since then, we under the brand of CDA Group have built and successfully implemented large residential and commercial projects in Limassol and Nicosia. Most of our projects were/are sold before construction works start. This indicates their high liquidity and demand. The Alliance is a club of selected developers, the most modern and advanced companies. Alliance members are united by an untainted business reputation and high European standards of construction and customer service. Read additional info on houses for sale in Cyprus.

Main objective of Cyprus Developers Alliance is to make the process of property selection and acquisition as comfortable as possible. Cyprus Developers Alliance offers thousands of properties throughout the entire island in all property categories. The choice is truly versatile. We can offer several options of property selection. However, the most important process and our main task, as we see it, is not only to present and show projects. Most important is to clearly understand your goals! Sometimes even to help to clarify or even formulate them. After all, a buyer does not always know the realities of the Cypriot real estate market in order to clearly determine from the very beginning what will suit him/her best. Knowing the goals, we can offer the most suitable projects corresponding to them.

Once the Government issues a Title Deed for the purchased property and transfers it in your name you become a registered immovable property owner. Cyprus Title Deed ensures absolute right of ownership for immovable property. No one will ever be able to interfere with it under any circumstances. For example hypothetically assuming that you or your heirs will someday receive an official letter from the city hall or municipality notifying you that a road is intended to be constructed across your plot of land and you are offered to refuse the property and to obtain a compensation you will have an alternative: either to give your consent or to reject. In case you choose the latter there are no legal ways (and there happen to be no other in Cyprus!) to force you to give up the property.

Restrictions when Buying Immovable Property in Cyprus – Formerly the Legislation limited purchase of immovable property in Cyprus to a single property per person for nationals of countries that are not members of the European Union. At present the restriction has been liberalized and not so binding. On page “Residence Permit” you can learn that with the purpose of obtaining permanent residence permit a customer can purchase two properties from one developer. It should be noted that in matters of property purchase spouses are considered as one person. That is, in case a restriction “single property per person” is valid then it is impossible for one spouse to buy one property and for the other to buy the second one.

Cyprus banks offer quite loyal terms for obtaining a mortgage to property purchasers provided certain conditions are met. In recent years one of such conditions is that a borrower should have income in EUR, USD or in any other hard currency. The mortgage rate is usually 3.5%-4% per annum. The collateral to obtain mortgage for property acquisition in Cyprus is the very property to be purchased. To obtain mortgage you are definitely required to submit evidence of your ability to repay it to the banks.

The immigration legislation is currently extremely liberal. Provided that you are purchasing property exceeding €300,000 you can obtain a permanent lifelong residence permit in the EU. Term of obtaining residence permit – 2 months maximum. Significant reserves of natural gas have been found and confirmed in the Mediterranean offshore in economic area of the Republic of Cyprus. Its production on an industrial scale is planned for 2022-2023. The revenue of the production considering the small size of Cyprus will make it a truly prosperous country and will lead to an increase in property prices. See additional information at CDA group.